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Welcome to A & B Upholstery

With over 30 years of experience in material crafting with passionate workers and a little alderwood, we have learned how to use the creativity of the Designer imagination as a foundation for each project we take on. Business owner David Madrid can tell you in his own words what it takes to be successful in a business as competitive and ever-changing as this. He believes growing a company is very similar to building a relationship. You need to get the person interested in what you have, and then you have to prove you can consistently do it! At A & B Upholstery we want to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

We ask questions that will guide you toward your goal end product, and we give you a piece that will last form today’s trend through tomorrow’s. Call today for a consultation with our specialist. .
We provide residential & commercial re upholstery for any type of furniture, in any fabric. We are expert reupholsters with all types of modern, traditional, baroque and art deco furniture and custom make.We can reassemble, reinforce, restyle, recreate.

Our Newest Custom Upholstery Designs

"The store that prides itself in bringing your artistic vison to life......"
-A & B Upholstery

Step By Step

Step 1 – Choosing Your Project.
Step 2 – Starting the Clock.
Step 3 – Creating Your Masterpiece
There really isn't anything we don't do. Dining room seats, sofas, chairs, cushions,sofabeds, antiques, arm covers throw pillows slipcovers, tufting, channeling ,tailoring

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Before & After

With such a competitive market of designer showrooms and furniture megastores, what makes A&B right for you? At A&B you aren’t paying for cookie cutter mass production, you’re buying a custom creation made exactly the way you want it.

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Why Us?

From fixing up an existing accent to recreating a show piece you eyed in a designer magazine, we tailor each piece to the specific look and feel you ask for. .

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Pricing Guide

The most common requests we receive from clients is for us to give them a blind estimate. A blind estimate is a monetary estimate given concerning the value of a project we have not yet evaluated.

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