A B Upholstery-Costa Mesa, Ca | Pricing Guide
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Pricing Guide

The most common requests we receive from clients is for us to give them a blind estimate. A blind estimate is a monetary estimate given concerning the value of a project we have not yet evaluated. A designer may desire an 8 foot couch to be made. How much would this cost? Before giving a quote, we’ll respond with a few follow-up questions: does the couch need tufting? Is it a tight back? Does is need a skirt? A slipcover? What shape frame? Any extra carving in the wood? Do the legs need to be stained? Are we adding nailheads? How deep would you like the seats to be? Would you prefer down, feathers, foam, or a blend fill for your cushions? While you may or may not have the answers to each question, we certainly need as much information as possible to give an accurate estimate. Off the cuff, we may give a rough estimate based on what you tell us, but we will need a picture with detail/sizes or an appointment to discuss each detail prior to providing a fully coherent estimate. In an effort to guide you with regard to our general pricing, we’ve uploaded a few examples of what various projects have cost. This should give you a better feel of what your project may be valued at.